{ "type": "bandcampalbum", "slug": "1766454808", "trackcount": 38 }


  • Type: Album
  • Track count: 38
  • Total runtime: 1:11:36
  • Released: 2021-09-22

Do you know that feeling, when you hear a sound, and you suddenly feel like you're in another place? When a sound triggers a feeling, or a memory? And then, when the sound is gone, and the world turns silent, you miss the sound?

This body of work is quiet, but also loud, and very emotional. Raw, but not rushed, feelings. Intentionally improvised moments to get lost in.

There is also a "Doomer's Delight" special edition.

Credits / Notes

Recorded, composed, mixed and mastered by SPARTALIEN (spartalien.com) between July and August 2021


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