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  • Type: Album
  • Track count: 11
  • Total runtime: 47:58
  • Released: 2023-04-21

It is a warm summer evening.
A light breeze blows gently over the brushwood-covered fields.
Clouds drift across the dusky sky and thicken into a black carpet as night approaches.

With darkness comes clarity.
For a short while, all thoughts, like a waterfall, flow inexorably downwards.
Silent images flicker before the closed eyes.
Suddenly, the memory.
Their departure.
His task.

The emptiness that fills everything when a heart breaks.
The realisation that nothing can be changed.
The hope of being allowed to return home soon.

Knees on the floor.
Breathing calmly.
The silent call, loud.

Twelve figures manifest in a circle.
The thirteen are complete again.

An approving nod.
A final embrace.
A collective departure.
Each in a different direction.

It is a cold winter evening.
A biting wind blows mercilessly across the snow-covered fields.
The sky is cloudless and the moon is full.


Credits / Notes

Recorded, composed, mixed and mastered by SPARTALIEN (spartalien.com) between November 2022 and March 2023

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