Artefact S9M1

Type: USB Flash Drive + Digital Album
Released: 2018-06-10

In May 2018, aerchologists have discovered five objects from an undisclosed location.
All of the objects are made of an unknown black material and have the shape of a triangle. The border is painted white.
On top, on the lower end of the triangles, a pattern of dots is visible. Every triangle has its own pattern. Theories evolved quickly around the dots and the most common one is, that these could be some sort of counter.
Above the dot patterns, a small electronic device with an aluminum case is plugged into a rectangular slot.
Above this slot, a twisted line points to the upper corner of the triangle. The aerchologists where startled when they found out that these strangely glow in the dark.

A few days after the initial discovery, scientists found out that the aluminum devices in the slot are storage devices. Here is what they could decode:
- MONOLOG album in three different file formats: WAV, FLAC, MP3
- MONOLOG album to stream and download on Bandcamp.
- PDF file with the album information and lyrics.
- High resoultion album cover.
- Bonus album track- and promo art.
- Art, documents, photos and videos to watch/read while/after listening to the album.

Digital release is there.


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