Memory S9M6, FLOATING HIGH Limited Edition USB-Stick

Type: USB Flash Drive + Digital Album
Released: 2021-01-01

This is the limited USB-Stick edition of the FLOATING HIGH album. Limited edition of 7.

- FLOATING HIGH album in three different file formats: WAV, FLAC, MP3
- FLOATING HIGH album to stream and download on Bandcamp.
- Includes bonus track: A Night With My Imaginary Friend.
- Metal cast USB-Stick (16GB, USB 3.1, FAT32, Win/Mac/Linux).
- Unique piece of wood to use as a stand for the USB-Stick. All were cut from the same tree branch.
- Cover art in different sizes including high resolution.
- Photos to watch while listening to the album.

Warning for allergy sufferers: Wood was treated with a bit of coconut fat.

Digital release is there.


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